The Blooming Papillons
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More Papillons and Friends For Your Enjoyment(:  SNAP SHOOTS
Takin' A Snooze In The Girls Bed
My Momma Thought This Was Cute....
I Would Disagree..
Really Mom! You can't come until tomorrow.
OH so comfy! Paris Ann loved this position!
Jasmine and her daughter - Paris Ann.
Sammy the Cat!
Junior - sleeping, is he cute or what?
London, she is our nieces puppy
The camera loves me!!
Abby's 6 pups, 1st meal.
Jasmine's 4th litter. 
Daisy, 3 1/2 yrs old, 
Gracie knapping in the laundry basket!
Jasmines 5th litter 
Tommy/aka Boo Boo 3 days old
Lilly getting hair dried.
Tiny 5weeks