The Blooming Papillons
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Daphne (right) - Quincy (left) at 8 weeks old. 
Quincy - 8 weeks old
Daphne 8 weeks
Gracie, left is the mom and Jackson, right is the dad.
3 puppies born Dec 21, 2015. 
Gracie is 7.5 lbs and Jackson is 6 lbs. We expect these puppies to be quit small, although we do not qaurantee size.
Dasher, male, 7 weeks, white & sable
Ginger, female, 7weeks, white & sable  
Sugar, female, 11 weeks, white & sable.
They had 3 puppies born Dec 21, 2015. 2 females and 1 males.
They had 2 puppies on July 21, 2017. Both White and Sable one female and one male.